Pricing – $4.90/bale

Please call us for current pricing info.

Here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company, our good word means everything to us, and we promise you that we are the best deal for pine straw in the area. If you have residential or commercial needs for pine straw, you won’t find a better source for pine straw that is priced right and available for quick turnaround.

Cost of Mississippi Pinestraw
Cost of Mississippi Pinestraw

Whether your needs are small or large – or extremely large – we have the ability to provide you with the pine straw you need at the volume need it. And we will get it to you through fast delivery – within 24 hours fast! – or you are welcome to bring your trailer or trick by our facility. If you show up to Mississippi Pine Straw Company our friendly team is ready and eager to load you up with pine straw you need quickly and efficiently, and have you back on your way immediately.

Our pricing is our competitive advantage here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company. The reason we started this business was to give people and landscaping crews around central Mississippi the ability to source good quality pine straw at lower prices. After years in the outdoor business industry we knew very well that this need was not being met, and finally decided to step in as the lower-priced, better-product pine straw company.

Our low pricing works well for us because it keeps customers coming back to us over and over again, and it works well for our customers because it helps them stay under budget. That is a win-win that everyone can appreciate. If you have a need for pine straw of any kind, for a job of any size or scale, we encourage you to reach out to our team here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company to find out just how good of a deal we can provide you with.

We are confident about the value of our pricing and our product, and would love to be your ongoing source of quality pine straw. Please contact us today or come by our facility to get the quote you need to complete your landscaping job quickly, efficiently, and at the best price possible. We look forward to earning your business.