Pinestraw Coverage Calculator

How many bails of pinestraw do you need?  Use this tool to figure it out:


  • (in feet)
  • (in feet)
  • (calculated from above)
  • Each bale covers approximately 35 feet.


Pinestraw coverage calculator
Pinestraw coverage calculator

The amount of pine straw you need for your job will depend on the scale of the area you are landscaping that requires pine straw. Enter the length and width of the area of coverage above and see the estimated number of bales of pine straw needed to properly complete your job. Keep in mind that you are welcome to discuss your project with our team here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company to help determine what kind of pine straw will best fit your desired purpose and coverage area.

Here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company we are proud of the high quality of the pine straw we provide, at the lowest possible cost to our customers. This is the foundation of our business – offering great value product at unbeatable prices – and we stand by this commitment for every job. If you have any question about the estimated cost or amount needed for your project, please reach out to us to discuss the numbers you see here, and we are more than happy to speak with you about your specific situation.

Mississippi Pine Straw Company does provide bulk pine straw delivery and will work with our bulk pines straw requests to provide the best pricing possible. Please know that any quote we provide includes the guarantee of our top quality pine straw for your job, as well as a quick turnaround to meet your time frame, and 100% dedication to excellence in customer service. This is our mission, and we take seriously the experience of our customers in working with our committed team of professionals.

As long time business operators in the central Mississippi area that we serve, we know that our good reputation among our customers is everything. Our top notch customer service, our competitive pricing, and our quality of pine straw is helping us acquire a growing list of satisfied customers. We want you to come back to us for quality pine straw at great prices over and over again, so we will every effort into ensuring your experience with us is just what you want: fast, efficient, and budget-friendly.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team here at Mississippi Pine Straw Company can assist you in accomplishing your landscaping job quickly and easily. We look forward to hearing from you.