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Top quality pinestraw at an affordable price!
Top quality pinestraw at an affordable price!

Mississippi Pine Straw Company is central Mississippi’s leading source for top quality, value-priced pine straw. Whether your pine straw needs are residential, commercial, small or large – we have the right product at the right price for you.

Have a preference for a particular kind of pine straw? Need a quick turnaround? In less than 24 hours? Don’t want to overpay? We understand. We felt the exact same way, and as business owners working with outdoor products for years, we came to see the glaring need in the central Mississippi market for a business that could meet these needs. That’s why our commitment to value pricing and excellent customer service is so strong. And it’s also why Mississippi Pine Straw Company is the pine straw place for you.

The quality of our product is extremely important to us. We can provide the right type of pine straw to best meet your project needs, from top notch long leaf straw to slash pine and anything in between. We consider our industry advantage to be our dedication to customer service and our ability to tailor our services and inventory to fit your specifications.

You can depend on our team here at Mississippi Pine Straw to respond quickly and successfully to any job specifications you may have. Even if you are unsure about the best pine straw or volume for your job, we will be happy to assist you in analyzing your options and determining the best steps forward.

When you have a project to complete – at home, at a place of business, or another large scale property – the last thing you want to do is get held up making progress. That’s why we’ll ensure you get what you need from us quickly and efficiently. If you need a fast delivery of a large amount of pine straw or if you show up at our facility to have your truck or trailer loaded up by our team – we’re ready and eager to get you the pine straw you need and set you on your way.

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